Top 10 de clips de Padre de familia (Family Guy)
10. This clip is Stewie dreaming about being on MTV’s Jackass.

9. A Family Guy musical number about the “Freaking FCC.”

8. Stewie doing his floor routine. (It’s not gay at all :) )

7. Welcome to Stewie’s Sexy Party.

6. Stewie trying to be sweet to Peter, “Would you like a soooda?”

5. The throwing up contest. It’s hilarious and disgusting at the same time.

4. Stewie killing the Vaudeville Duo. Good riddance.

3. Peter’s grand fight with the Chicken. Both fights. I love how the second one is out of nowhere, it just happens.

2. For some reason I’ve never seen this episode, but I NEED to. This clip is hilarious, “Gimmie my money!”

1. Peter trying to breast feed Stewie is probably the single most funny moment in Family Guy history to me. I’ve literally laughed until I’ve started crying looking at Stewie’s facial expressions when he pulls the hair out of his mouth.

I hope you all enjoyed these clips as much as I have.

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